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Today Jon Neifert from Tracy will lead our worship service.


Nursery – We have a nursery available for the use of young children and nursing mothers. It is located in the back of the sanctuary.


Operation Christmas Child – Has packing a shoebox changed your life?   Watch today’s video to see how Kim’s life was changed through a simple shoebox gift.  Shoeboxes will be available in a couple of weeks so you can make an eternal difference in someone’s life.

From the Deacons – We are beginning work on the 2022 budget. Pledge slips have been placed in each mailbox. Extra copies are on the table in the foyer. Please return your pledge slip to the Treasurer’s mailbox by October 31. Thank you.


Helping Those in Need – Please consider picking up some extra items when you’re at the store and placing them in one of our two locations. The Blessing Box by the road is for food items, and the Caring Cupboard in the breezeway is for non-food items.


Gospel Tracts – Please remember to take some tracts with you as you go today so you can place them in various locations for others to find or give them away personally. Some suggested locations to place them: shopping carts, gas pumps, waiting rooms, hotel rooms and lobbies. This is a great way to live out the third ‘W’ of Worship ~ Walk ~ Witness!