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Graduates – On Sunday, May 30, we will be honoring our students completing the 6th and 8th grades, high school graduates, and college graduates. Please email Pastor Aaron or place a note in his mailbox if there is someone in your family at one of these educational milestones.


Prayer Chain Update – It has been several years since we last updated the prayer chain. If you would like your name added to or deleted from either the call chain or email notifications, please fill out one of the yellow sheets on the table in the foyer and place it in Cami’s mailbox by May 23. If you want to keep your notifications as they are, you do not need to do anything. Thank you!


Coffee-time will be returning in the near future. Those who have previously served will receive more information in their mailboxes soon. Those who would like to be added to the list of servers, or for any questions, please contact Katy DuVall.